St Francis SCRIP Program Information

Enrollment Code: L5CFE8A258L6


SCRIP is a fundraising program for our school that does NOT require families to donate any money. Families purchase gift cards for various businesses, retailers, services, gas, groceries and restaurants. These cards act just like any gift card, and this is money you would normally spend. You and St. Francis receive a percentage of each purchase back from Great Lakes Scrip Center. This percentage varies by vendor (1% – 18%) and can be seen on the website and the mobile app.

There are two different ways to order SCRIP gift cards:

  • Online – From you may order physical, e-certificates or reloads. You must link a bank card or credit card to your account through Presto Pay for online purchases. By e-certificates online you can have immediate access to the cards your purchase. 
  • Mobile App – From RaiseRight app you may order physical, e-certificates or reloads. You must link a bank card or credit card to your account through Presto Pay for mobile app purchases. By ordering e-certificates through the mobile app you can have immediate access to the cards your purchase. 

You may also reload select plastic gift cards that you have purchased from SCRIP. ReloadNow! are refilled within minutes, while Reload orders placed by 3pm are reloaded overnight.

**ScripNow! paid for by Presto Pay is delivered to your account in minutes. ScripNow! paid by check not submitted until payment is received. RaiseRight use requires Presto Pay. Full explanations are available in the FAQ’s at the website.

There are over 700 retailers available to purchase from Great Lakes Scrip. There are many travel/vacation opportunities available, such as Disney, Hyatt, Delta, etc. has a total list of available vendors.

Once your account is set up, you will be asked to fill out and maintain a SCRIP Purchase Agreement Form for purposes of designating how you would like your rebate to be used. This form is required by the IRS for all families participating in SCRIP. If you have already filled out a form, you do not need to complete a new one, unless you want to make a change. You may change your rebate designation up until 60 days before the end of our SCRIP year. Our SCRIP year runs from May 1 – April 30. Rewards are calculated in May and distributed according to your SCRIP Purchase Agreement Form on file with the school. Many of our regularly participating families earned $100.00 or more as a tuition credit last year.

We share the rebate 50/50. Our rebate monies go to scholarships for our students. You can choose your rebate to be a charitable donation to the school, a tuition rebate or a check rebate. Rebate checks over $5.00 are sent out every May.

Ex: You purchase a Giant Eagle $25 gift card with a 4%. You and the school both receive a rebate of 2% or $1.00.

SCRIP Dress Down Day: As an incentive to purchase SCRIP (and raise money for our school), every family who purchases a minimum of $100.00 in SCRIP during the month will receive a dress down day for the following month (at Mr. Moore’s discretion). These dates will be announced in advance. This will apply to EVERY child in that family, so you do not need to submit an order for every child. The Dress Down list will be posted on the school website

Methods of payment for SCRIP are cash, check, credit card, and Presto Pay (online and RaiseRight purchases). 

SCRIP is a phenomenal way for a school to earn money. Last year SCRIP Purchases were $400,000! Over $9,000 was raised through the administrative fee alone. Our goal this year is to sell $475,000. Let’s make this our best SCRIP year ever.


Thanks to all the families who participated in SCRIP each year!

Stacy M. Downey

SCRIP Coordinator




  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password. For new families and families who have not previously accessed their account, please contact me, and I can help you get it set up. The enrollment code is listed above. If you have already been using your online account, nothing has changed.  You can continue to do so.
  3. You can place your orders online and choose a payment option, either submitting cash, check, credit card, or setting up a Presto Pay account which will deduct from your designated bank account.


*E-certificates paid by Presto Pay are sent within minutes, those paid by check are released when payment is received. Reloads are available within 24 hours of reload (if submitted before 3 pm), ReloadNow! funds are available within minutes.