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St. Francis Central Catholic School is fortunate to have some of the brightest and most gifted students there can possibly be.  The history of student accomplishments at St. Francis is not only recognized during their career here, but become even more evident as they continue to advance in high school, college, and beyond.We are proud of the wide range of accomplishments that our students have achieved.

The programs at our school are comprehensive and co-curricular in scope, meaning they can be directly traced back to our purpose of spiritual and academic formation. Even in our non-academic programs, such as Athletics or PSALM, the standard of hard work and discipleship take precedence.

Because we stress the importance of humility and service, achievements seem to follow that.  Thank you students of St. Francis for being shining stars that make our school stand out among the best.

Aquinas Award

The Aquinas Medal is bestowed upon 8th and 12th grade students from Catholic schools throughout the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. Medal recipients have been chosen in recognition of their outstanding qualities of faithful discipleship, academic excellence, leadership and service to school, parish and community, reflecting the ideals of Catholic education epitomized by St. Thomas Aquinas, the Catholic patron saint of students.

The 2022 Aquinas Medal recipient will be announced during Catholic Schools Week.

Aquinas Medal Recipient Class Of
Emily Ngyuen 2022
Julianna Ferrell 2021
Luke Puderbaugh 2020
Marisa Fijewski 2019
Juanita Garcia 2018
Luke Bechtel 2017
Aidan Koon 2016
Robbie Minard 2015
Vinitha Joseph 2014
Olivia Sokos 2013
Gabriella Ambrusico 2012
Michelle Joseph 2011
Arin Migaiolo 2010
Bryanna Dering 2009
Russell Bonasso 2008
Elizabeth Kolar 2007
Kara Seamon 2006
Ellyn Harper 2005
Mariah Weidman 2004
Jacob Weidman 2003
Maria Dalzot 2002
Lauren Boczek 2001
Gregory Gutta 2000
Courtney Cira 1999
Katherine Grisso 1998
Ricardo Mathelier 1997
Salvatore Cilento 1996
Nicholas Dalzot 1995
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