The SFdSCCS Advancement Program focuses on cultivating new financial opportunities, strengthening alumni relations, and moving the school forward in the community.  Two main programs that are the focus of the Advancement Program are the Annual Fund and the St. Francis School Foundation. The definition of these school programs are:

SFdSCCS Annual Fund

This is the general fundraising account of the Advancement Program. The money from these donations can be used for a number of different school areas, such as specified projects, maintenance issues, tuition assistance, and budget concerns. This is a fund that participants will make a donation to as an annual pledge either with our mailings or through our Annual Fund Online Giving Portal.

Donate to the Annual Fund Online Giving Portal here!

St. Francis School Foundation

This is the future-planning account of the Advancement Program. Donations from this program will not be used for any immediate needs, but will instead be allowed to grow to ensure the future of SFdSCCS. This fund will flourish from specific donations to the foundations and money that people donate in memory of supporters and family members that have passed.

Donations can be made at our Foundation Online Giving Portal

Additional sections of the SFdSCCS Advancement Program are:

  • The Trojan Club: The money in this fund is used entirely for tuition assistance for the neediest families within our school community. The overall goal of this program is to have consistent donors giving each year and to reach a total of around $100,000 in donations annually. This is a program we want to solidify in order to make this into an established SFdSCCS giving avenue.
  • One Day of Giving: This program occurs once a year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The school chooses one specific project and we have a day to rally students, parents, extended family, alumni, and community supporters to give what they can to make the project a reality. Projects that were completed because of the generosity of the One Day of Giving is the re-surfacing of the two SFdSCCS playgrounds, the school pavilion, the Holy Family Library remodel, and strengthening the St. Francis School Foundation. Each grade level has $1,000 Power Hour giving goal and when they reach that goal, they get a funny video released of their teacher and they get a treat for the next day. We love the community spirit we feel during the One Day of Giving and hope it continues each year!
  • Community Partner Program: Another staple of our Annual Fund brings in around $35,000 each year. The Community Partner Program has three levels that businesses can choose from that gives them a variety of advertisement opportunities. Our Community Partner levels are the Silver Level at $1,200 ($100 a month), the Gold Level at $2,400 ($200 a month), and the Platinum Level at $4,800 ($400 a month). We are so thankful to our Community Partners who are loyal supporters of our school. Our current community partners are:
    • At the Platinum Level: Howard Hanna, MVB Bank & Sorriso Dental
    • At the Gold Level: Polce Seal Coating & Wilson Works
    • At the Silver Level: Advanced Heating and Cooling, Corwin Ford, Laurel Mountain Orthodontics, Mountaineer Orthodontics, F&M Contractors, Gianola Barnum Bechtel & Jecklin, and Chuck’s Furniture 

If any current student’s family, community member, or alumni of St. Francis would like to donate, has any further questions, or would like to discuss further donation options, please contact Development Director Rachel Jones at (304) 291-5070 or