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Our Athletic program provides experiences through which our athletes will grow to their full potential physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Together the administration, athletic council, and school staff work to support and reinforce an athletic program that provides for the development of physical skills, healthy, competitive attitudes, the value of sportsmanship and the importance of safety.

In today’s society too much emphasis is placed on winning. Our goal is to provide our athletes with a quality, educational athletic program, which will be entrusted to the nurturing care of the coaches, parent volunteers, and athletic council. We will guide and educate each athlete so that he/she will improve, grow, win, lose and, most importantly, have fun. Winning isn’t everything! A Child’s success should be measured by the accomplishment of his/her own goals and ability to successfully work as a team member.

By working together as a team, as a “family”, as a school community, we can make a difference in the development of our student-athletes by placing the emphasis on learning and having fun while working to accomplish our individual goals. After all, the greatest reward is to see a young child smile and hear his laughter. Let’s work together to accomplish this.

Eddie Swierkos
Athletic Director


St. Francis offers the following sports:

  • Kindergarten Basketball: September-October
  • Middle School Girls’ Fall Basketball League: September-October
  • Middle School Cross Country: August – October
  • Middle School Girls’ Volleyball: August-October
  • Middle School Cheerleading: November -February
  • Middle School Girls’ Basketball: November-February
  • Middle School Boys’ Basketball: November-February
  • Middle School Track: March-May
  • Middle School Softball: March-May

School Leagues:

  • Girls 3-6 Basketball: (North) August -November
  • Fall Girls 6-8 Basketball League (South/Fairplay): September
  • Fall Boys 6-8 Basketball League (South/Fairplay): September
  • Boys 3-6 Basketball League (North): November -February

Community Leagues:

  • Soccer August-October
  • Herman Reid Co-ed Basketball (K-6): March -April
  • Jr. Champs Basketball (Big Brothers): March -April