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2020-21 Boys Basketball Schedule516.8 KB110
2020-21 Financial Fast Facts63.5 KB170
2020-21 Girls Basketball Schedule434.2 KB53
2020-21 Parent & Student Handbook582.7 KB213
2020-21 Re-Entry Plan3.0 MB772
2020-21 Registration Form95.1 KB155
2020-21 School Calendar244.2 KB1181
2020-21 Student Device Loan Agreement78.1 KB39
2020-21 Tuition & Fees307.7 KB276
2020-21 Virtual Learning Handbook655.0 KB1106
2021 5K Parent Letter1.2 MB48
2021 5K Sponsorship Form103.9 KB35
2021-22 1st Grade Supply List668.2 KB1339
2021-22 2nd Grade Supply List48.6 KB1252
2021-22 3rd Grade Supply List457.4 KB1231
2021-22 4th Grade Supply List14.5 KB891
2021-22 5th Grade Supply List26.9 KB951
2021-22 6th Grade Supply List58.3 KB753
2021-22 7th Grade Supply List58.1 KB514
2021-22 8th Grade Supply List59.3 KB546
2021-22 Kindergarten Supply List53.4 KB1081
2021-22 Pre-Kindergarten Supply List60.0 KB956
Advancement Department Explanation109.8 KB634
Anonymous Scholarship Flyer7.0 MB519
Athletic Insurance Verification Form206.0 KB987
Book Club Registration36.5 KB724
Bus Rider Form34.1 KB246
Class of 2020 Graduation Program569.8 KB488
Community Partnership Levels57.7 KB206
Directions to Away Games 43.9 KB476
Edge Registration36.7 KB122
FACTS Grant & Aid397.1 KB1210
FAQs For Parents Of Teens 132.1 KB51
Fall 2019 - OSE Newsletter846.7 KB341
Financial Aid Supporting Documents111.3 KB571
Get Smart Week - Spread Of Resistance426.6 KB880
Health Check 2 Year Old357.3 KB732
Health Check 3 year old284.1 KB780
Health Check 4 year old282.7 KB495
Health Check 5 year old329.4 KB566
Health Check 7 & 8 year old284.7 KB1162
Health Check Form 7th Grade291.7 KB729
Intentional Growth Plan 796.5 KB15
Lunch Calendar May-June 20211.2 MB217
Parent Letter March 23 2020 DWC125.0 KB366
Parents Guide To Concussion In Sports219.3 KB315
Parents Guide to MAP Growth Testing254.2 KB43
ParentsWeb How To: Initial Setup153.1 KB269
ParentsWeb How To: Update Information108.6 KB183
Parish Subsidy Verification Form63.9 KB935
Pavilion Rental Application216.6 KB511
Safe Environment Background Form80.7 KB800
Safe Environment Policy Receipt Form131.1 KB695
Safe Environment Policy Relating to Sexual Abuse of Children308.7 KB729
Safe Environment Volunteer Checklist219.1 KB573
Schoolbelles Buying Guide3.5 MB551
Scrip Order Form69.2 KB1405
Snapshot Brochure9.9 MB1229
Student Athlete Contract Consent Form723.9 KB924
Student Health Information Form88.6 KB653
Student Health: Dental Form176.6 KB1577
Student Health: Food Allergy Disclaimer74.1 KB85
Student Health: Medication Authorization Form96.8 KB954
Technology Internet Use Agreement211.2 KB1000
Trivia Night 2021 Tailgate Style2.9 MB22
Tuition Mangament FACTS47.2 KB713
WVSSAC Athletic Participation & Physical Form417.7 KB1374