Morning Drop Off:  7:30-8:20 AM
Morning Tardy Bell:  8:20 AM
Morning Prayer: 9:15 AM (after 1st period)
Afternoon Dismissal:  3:30-4:00 PM  
Thursday School Mass:  8:30-9:30 AM

St. Francis Central Catholic serves diverse learners from early childhood through early adolescence. Recognizing that each child learns differently and that the needs of children evolve as they grow and develop, St. Francis Central provides for four distinctive learning environments designed using a combination of traditional educational best practices and innovative applications of the latest in educational theory and research. These distinctive learning environments are as follows:

Early Childhood                                                  Primary School

Prekindergarten                                                   Kindergarten through Second Grade

Intermediate School                                          Middle School

Third through Fifth Grade                                  Sixth through Eighth Grade

Recognizing the distinctive nature of each learning environment, school routines and procedures regarding academics and student behavior are differentiated at each level, while all the while remaining rooted in the overall mission, philosophy, and policies of St. Francis Central Catholic School.