At St. Francis Central Catholic School, we believe there is no greater advertisement than those who have experienced it.  Whether it be students, parents, staff, or alumni, you will clearly understand the affinity that stakeholders have for this institution when you read their testimonials.

Embarking upon our centennial anniversary is a poignant accomplishment that speaks to the longevity our school.  Regardless of how long you were part of St. Francis, we commend you for your continued Trojan spirit.  Your fingerprints have been left on this school and will be a path for future generations to follow.

If any former Trojan or visitor to our site wishes to become part of our testimonial page, then we encourage you to share your story with us.  It could be a sentence, paragraph, or even a story that you wish to tell.  We welcome your positive experience stories and will be certain to post them on our site.  Enjoy what others have to say about St. Francis by selecting a group on the sidebar menu.