The School Advisory Council of St. Francis Central Catholic School is entrusted as a consultative voice to initiate creative ideas, to be an active participant in making recommendations, and to assist in implementing decisions which remain within the province of the school Principal and the designated school Pastor.

Unlike public school boards, Catholic school advisory councils operate under the Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law. The designated school pastor, in collaboration with the school principal, has the final authority to accept or reject the recommendations of the School Advisory Council.


 Differences between Public School Boards and Catholic School Advisory Councils

Public School Board
Catholic School Advisory Council
End: Free education for all End: Provide Catholic education to those who choose it
Responsibility: For school system’s general operation Responsibility: For one particular school
Orientation: Civil, Societal Orientation: Catholic Church
Type: Regulatory Type: Consultative
Entity: Legal Entity: Not Legal
Establishment: By law Establishment: Episcopal mandate
Membership: Elected to represent constituencies Membership: Elected or appointed
Impact: Own locality Impact: Entire mission of the Church