One of the special ways that current St. Francis families support our community is our fundraising programs. Because of the financial commitment that has already been made by sending their children to our school, we have chosen two mandatory fundraisers that give flexibility to how families can participate, either by paying the amount that they owe or they can raise the money from their friends and families. Our St. Francis community is extremely generous, and that generosity is always most evident during our fundraisers.

The first fundraiser is our fall Pepperoni Roll Sale. Each family will be sent home a Chico’s Bakery order form, and they will have two weeks to either sell their box of pepperoni rolls for $140, write a peprolls2check to the school for $108, or have the amount taken out of their FACTS account for $108. The boxes of pepperoni rolls will be delivered to the school a week later for pick-up.


The second school fundraiser will take place in the spring and is our 5K Run For Education. This event not only raises money for the school, but it allows families to come out for a morning of exercise and competition. Families will be asked to either donate $100 or to get sponsorships for that amount through friends and family members. St. Francis families run for free in either the 5K or the one-mile fun run. The morning has pizza, music, and community building that also raises money for our school!

If you have any further questions about school fundraisers, please contact Advancement Director Rachel Jones at (304) 291-5070 or