Keepers is the school’s after-school extended care program for students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grades.  It is administered and staffed by employees of the school and runs from 3:00 pm–5:30 pm, Monday-Friday (excluding early dismissal days).  Children who are not picked up by 3:00 PM will be automatically scanned into the Keepers program, and you will be billed accordingly.

The base charge for Keeper’s is set by the school administration in consultation with the Finance Committee and the School Advisory Council.  The flat charge for the school year 2022-2023 is $12.50 per student per day. This rate applies immediately once a child is scanned in, no matter the length of time used. No pick-ups will be permitted through the front entrance after 3:00 pm.

Children will remain in extended care until an authorized adult, listed in the school’s Student Information System, arrives for pickup. Each student will scan his/her face to be checked out. Authorized adults must come to the side cafeteria entrance to pick up their child(ren).  Pre-K through Kindergarten will be picked up at the Pre-K entrance of the school. Older siblings of Pre-K through K students will also be received at the Pre-K entrance. Children will not be sent alone to the car, and children will not be left alone in the extended care area.

Children will not be released to anyone other than legal guardians unless prior arrangements with the school have been made. All authorized persons must be entered into the school’s Student Information System and listed under emergency contacts. An ID will be required, and each person will also be scanned into the OptView System.


General Information

Pick up after  3:00 pm until 5:30 pm will take place from the Cafeteria vestibule.  A Keeper’s Intern will be there to check for approved adults wishing to pick up a child(ren) . A  picture ID will be required of individuals unfamiliar to the Keeper’s staff. Each student will scan his/her face to check out. 

PK students will remain in their classrooms while school-aged students will be in groups consisting of Group 1 (Kindergarten – 2nd grade), Group 2 (3rd – 5th grade), and Group 3 (Middle School). Students will be offered a light snack while in attendance, This program will be staffed by young adults and provide a safe and flexible atmosphere. Students will be encouraged to be outdoors as much as possible, weather permitting. During inclement weather, indoor games, books, and movies will be available.

Please note,  that no specific homework time will be designated. If students are responsible enough to work on their studies, it will be permitted, but will not be the responsibility of staff to see that a student completes his/her work. Students will be expected to ensure that all belongings are returned to their backpack and not misplaced after completion of their homework.

There is no special enrollment needed. All SFdSCCS students are eligible for this program. At 3:00 pm, any student who has not been picked up will automatically be scanned into the Keepers program. No student will be permitted to sit in the front office to await pick-up, even if a parent is just a few minutes past 3:00 pm. The school’s license requires that all students remaining past the designated end of school day become the responsibility of the Keepers program.

The Keepers program will enforce the Internet and Electronics policies listed in this handbook. Please read over them with your children. No games containing violence will be permitted, nor will they be allowed to watch R rated movies or inappropriate YouTube videos. Interns will monitor all activities on all electronic devices, personal and/or school devices, and are charged with the responsibility to eliminate the opportunity for continued use if your child is found not following the rules. If it is a personal device, it will be taken and given to the approved guardian at pickup.

Keepers will follow the school’s Health and Safety policies and will also conduct the same safety drills from time to time as they are already familiar with during the school hours. It is imperative that the children have a plan in place during the after care hours as well.

Medical and health related issues will be addressed in the same manner they are during school hours. Any student requiring special medical care (i.e.diabetics or seizure disorder) will be attended to according to the established medical plan on file. Although during the after care program hours there is no RN available, the Person In Charge has been trained by the school’s nurse on each individual child’s needs and  they both have completed a state licensing Medication Administration course and are the only two persons allowed to administer medication during the after care program . EPI pens and Inhalers do not fall under this category, and any adult in charge of the care and keeping of children who should require this can administer these types of life-saving medications.


Children are expected to follow the school’s rules and code of conduct during the after school program as well. The Interns will first attempt to resolve any small issues of concern by reminding the child(ren) of the rules. Any child who chooses otherwise will then be referred to the Person In Charge. If there is a need for higher admin involvement, school administration will then be notified. Please refer to the Behavior and Discipline section of the handbook for specific instances and procedures regarding behaviors that could result in suspension and expulsion.


Please contact the Person In Charge, Ms. Emma Webb at with initial concerns or questions regarding the Keepers program. If you do not find resolution or satisfaction after contacting the PIC, then you can contact the main school office at 304-291-5070.