St. Francis Central Catholic School
Safe Environment Volunteers

Volunteers – anyone who volunteers directly with minors or is volunteering where minors are present while performing one’s duties. Additionally, anyone who wishes to do their part in keeping children safe is invited to go through this process.


The Safe Environment Program of the Diocese of Wheeling – Charleston consists of the following components required for all volunteers of the School: All three can be completed online by following the above registration instructions. 

  • Background Checks: Before a person is offered a paid or volunteer position, they must give permission to have a background verification that is focused on anything that would put children at risk. Only after being cleared can they be offered said position. The background checks are processed at the local level, i.e. Parish, Catholic School, etc.
  • Policy Handbook: Each employee and volunteer is to be given a copy of Diocesan handbook “Policy Relating to Sexual Abuse of Children”. The policy is available online via and is dated August 2019 on the back. (Available in English and Spanish) 
  • In-Service Workshop (Virtus): Employees and volunteers must complete the Protecting God’s Children for Adults/Virtus training. All should be registered online with Virtus, and keep up-to-date with the training bulletins.