Since the 1980’s, education councils/school boards have been an important part of Catholic school life. In the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, as of April 2007, all such groups will be known as Catholic School Advisory Councils (CSACs). There are many reasons why the church needs these CSACs today. A leadership team is necessary to achieve the success we experience in our schools. One or two individuals cannot do everything that is needed to make schools successful.

The time is now…to create CSACs that will work collaboratively with principals and pastors to make decisions rooted in what is best for the students and overall school community. Every baptized person has the responsibility of using his or her God-given gifts and talents for the building of the community. CSACs provide one way in which lay persons can participate in the life of the Church. Catholic schools today face many complexities and challenges which make the talents and interests of many people a necessity. Pastors, designated pastors, and school principals use CSACs to help assist them in dealing with the needs of the overall school community. Every institution needs a group charged with planning for their future. The local CSAC is a logical body to assume this charge.