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One Day of Giving

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We want to introduce an exciting new event at St. Francis for this school year: The One Day of Giving Program. This event will take place on November 29th, linking it with the nationwide charity initiative Giving Tuesday that has over 40,000 organizations that participate in 71 countries. We want to prove that the SFCCS community is just as generous as any of those 40,000 organizations by raising $30,000 for our school!


Starting at 8:00 am on November 29th, we are going to open up the opportunity for people to begin donating online through the below online giving portal, with the event running until 8:00 pm. During the middle of October, we will send out to our alumni and local parishes informational sheets and envelopes for those that feel more comfortable donating in that manner, which can be sent in at any time. Any amount, from the smallest to the largest donation, will help SFCCS tremendously.


We are excited to announce that for the first year of the SFCCS One Day of Giving Program our focus will be “The Push for the Pavilion”! During the 2015-2016 school year, Harner Construction began work on a pavilion on our school’s upper field that will enhance our school community by providing an open space where both our students can learn and our families can celebrate. Now that construction of the structure is nearing completion, we are asking for help in putting the finishing touches on a community space that will benefit alumni, current families, and supporters of St. Francis. During “The Push for the Pavilion” One Day of Giving Program, at each donor milestone, another piece can be purchased for the St. Francis pavilion. With the money that you graciously donate, we will be able to:

At $10,000 we will purchase tables to go inside the pavilion

At $20,00 we will purchase video surveillance and access points

At $25,000 we will purchase kitchen cabinets and counter-tops

At $30,000 we will purchase kitchen accessories



The day is not only about giving, but about celebrating the St. Francis community as a whole! Throughout the day we will have prizes for donors, whether that be at a certain giving level or the 100th donor, so that all those that participate can feel involved. We will have an “unselfie” contest, where those that give explain why they are helping St. Francis with a photo. We are also asking anyone who gives to share on social media with the hashtag #trojansgiveback so that we can all connect that day.

We are up to the challenge.

Updated: November 21, 2016 — 9:51 am

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