2016 Camp Magis Trip – 7th Grade

As part of the seventh grade religion curriculum, the St. Francis Central Catholic students spent three days at CampMagis1Camp Magis.  Magis refers to the philosophy of doing more for Christ, and therefore doing more for others…which is the exact thing that we keep hearing from Pope Francis, upon whom the camp is based. 

During their time at Camp Magis, the seventh graders were able to participate in variety of activities including, archery, canoeing, mountain biking and “the swing”.  After each activity, students would make connections to their own faith lives and how they can share their faith with others.

Students also spent time enhancing their connection to God through prayer services, mass, and a faith walk.  

The weather was great and the seventh graders truly made the most of their time at Camp Magis and had a very positive and fun experience.  As the seventh graders discussed at Camp Magis, they are ready to, “Go, Be Not Afraid, and Serve.”



Updated: September 12, 2016 — 9:47 am

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