Virtual May Crowning

It has been a long-standing Catholic tradition to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary in May. Many Catholic churches and families hold a “May Crowning,” presenting Mary with a crown made of blossoms or other hand-crafted materials to signify her queenship as the mother of Christ, the King.

To honor this tradition, each year our beloved students of St. Francis de Sales Central Catholic School have celebrated a May Crowning, along with praying a Living Rosary. Since we are called to learn under different circumstances this May, our current 2nd Graders present to you our continued tradition…virtually…to honor our Blessed Mother.

Many former 2nd graders and families can relive the time when they had the honor of presenting Mary with flowers. All students and families can recall being a part of praying the Living Rosary and what a special united moment it was to be joined together to pray as one united body.  It is the hope of our 2nd Graders that our St. Francis families unite and join us in honoring Our Blessed Mother.  We invite you to click on the link below.



Second Grade

Updated: May 15, 2020 — 8:32 am