Summer Reading Challenge

The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge began Monday, May 7, and I am encouraged by how many students are already accessing our system and getting into the habit of logging their reading time! On Friday, May 4, each student  was sent home an informational sheet and their unique account access code. Below is a copy of the letter along with some technical updates to accessing the account(s).  Please read this communication completely.


Welcome to the 2018 Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge!!

Did you know that when kids read over the summer they are more likely to leap ahead when they return to school? This is often called the “summer leap,” and we’ve made it a priority to keep your child’s skills sharp by encouraging them to read all summer long. This year, our school signed up to participate in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, a free online reading program that invites students to log their reading minutes all summer. The goal is for the students in our school to discover the joy and magic of reading, and read the most minutes possible in an effort for our school to earn the title, “Best in State.”  I’m excited to share the theme of this year’s program….”A Magical Summer of Reading!”  As students log their reading minutes throughout the 18 weeks of summer (May 8th-Sept 8th), they will earn digital rewards as they meet their weekly reading goals. Plus, throughout the summer, students can learn about great new books to read, access fun videos and printables, and more. You’ll also find summer book lists for all ages (in English and Spanish) on the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge website.

The individual student goal is 1,500 minutes over the course 4 months, which is roughly 12 minutes per day. Our school’s total goal is 630,000 minutes. Last year we collectively read 824,560 minutes and earned #1 in the state for the 4th time in 6 years.  A child may log minutes that wereread aloud to them through 2nd grade. Even our Pre-K 2 children are a part of this challenge as we know through numerous studies that the more a child is read to, the stronger of a reader they are likely to become.

*Reading for 12 minutes a day is not difficult, but when days or weeks are missed it can be very challenging to makeup that time. Reading a little bit everyday will keep your child sharp and ready for the next academic year.

After the challenge ends we will have a fun and exciting afternoon of festivities for those children who achieved their goal of 1,500 minutes. Awards will be given to our top overall readers of the school as well as the top reader in each grade. We will have separate events for different age groups and every qualifying child will be able to participate from Pre-K through 8th grade. Children who do not meet their goal will work on educational review in the classrooms during this time. This is a fun opportunity for students to read anything of their choice and get credit for their time. We hope students are excited to read this summer and expand their horizons!


I apologize that there were a few system updates that I was unaware until printing the students’ codes last Friday, seeing the system live on Monday, and getting feedback from parents. Due to that, I have some updates from the printout that was sent home earlier.

If your child is entering the 3rd grade or higher next year, the only real change is that there is no need to change the password as I had indicated.  In fact, the feature to customize the pass code has been removed.

For all students entering grades Pre-K through 2nd, they were sent home with a QR code and shapes in this new “easy access” feature. However, I’ve heard from a number of parents that they have had trouble using this new access (system says “secret shape” is incorrect). This glitch has been more common on a desktop than with phones or tablets, but to resolve it, I am physically sending home all of these students an alternative access with a traditional username and pass code.

**If you are logging in with a username and pass code, you want to go to this URL:

Whether you are using the shape ID or traditional username, a best practice is to save that account link as a shortcut or an icon on your desktop, tablet, or phone so that you can go straight into your account with one click. If you have multiple children you can rename the link “Amy-silly40fall” or “Tom-fox28dawn” to reflect the child’s name and their pass code in case the link ever forces you to sign back in. Another best practice is to accept the “save this password” option if your device prompts you.

To create a shortcut icon on the homepage of your Apple phone or tablet you want to type in the URL listed above, and enter your child’s account info. Now that you have pulled up the specific URL for that child’s account you want to look for the “action” at the bottom of the screen that looks like an upward arrow leaving a box and tap on that. On the second row of options, scroll over to the right and tap on “Add to Home Screen”. Here you can rename the icon, I suggest using first name and secret shape or pass code; for example, rename that link “Amy-silly40fall” or “Amy-puzzle”. Now you have a one-touch direct access to that account.

To create a shortcut icon on the homepage of your Android phone or tablet you want to type in the URL listed above, and enter your child’s account info. Now that you have pulled up the specific URL for that child’s account you want to tap the “action” at the top right of your screen that looks like three vertical dots. Scroll down to where it says “add to home screen” and the icon will be created. *There is not a way to rename that icon unless you have installed a “launcher” app to do so. For instructions on how to do that, go here:

If you’d rather use your desktop to log minutes, or at least set up the link to do so, the process is similar. To use the traditional sign on, go to and enter username and pass code. Once you are in, save that exact URL as a bookmark or shortcut. If you want to use the easy shape ID, then enter the URL that is listed below the QR code on the paper that went home and enter the “first shape” and “secret shape” before bookmarking that URL.

At any time you can enter minutes from the current week and at least one week past if it is easier for you to keep a written log and then enter a week or two all at once, however, you do not want to keep paper logs for the whole summer and then try to enter all at once.

As of June 1st we will be able to see our school’s running total. Until then, all that we can see is the current best in state and currently it is not us!!Remember, as your child(ren) is still in school, any reading that they are doing in their school day or for homework can absolutely be counted towards this challenge. NO student should have zero reading minutes at this point!

I am always happy to resolve any account questions, I would always rather you reach out than to not log. Contact me anytime at

I wish you and your families an exciting summer of reading new adventures!


Alison Conroy

SFCCS Librarian

Updated: May 24, 2018 — 9:55 am