Allergy Season is Almost Here!

With warmer, spring days approaching, it won’t be long before the pollen flies.  Now is the time to restart seasonal allergy medications such as antihistamines ( Zyrtec, Claritin), nasal steroids (Flonase, Nasocort), and even Singulair or inhaled steroids.  It takes as much as a week for these medications to achieve their intended effect, and starting them early can give you a leg up on your seasonal allergies.  Refill your prescriptions now, and start using them!



Trying to get your kids to exercise more?

American Heart Association, NFL team up to launch smartphone app for kids


The American Heart Association and the NFL are pleased to come together to create the NFL PLAY 60 app, encouraging kids to get active and healthy through an endless runner game. Funded by a grant from the NFL Foundation, the app encourages players to get their 60 minutes of daily recommended physical activity through an interactive running experience.  Players are immersed in an adventure where they are required to run, jump, pivot, and turn in place in order for their character to do the same. Players choose an avatar and run through the virtual world where they encounter obstacles, which they avoid by physically moving their bodies. Smartphones are able to measure this movement and scoring is determined by duration of play and successful navigation of obstacles.  Go to to learn more.