PSALM Representation at the United Nations

The 17th Meeting of the States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty will take place at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland from November 26th-30th.  As members of the United States/International Campaigns to Ban Landmines, we have received a formal diplomatic invitation to join the meeting as Delegates from the United States.  Ms. Sheets is most honored to represent PSALM students at this international meeting of nations.

PSALM, as members of the ICBL since 1999 are excited about this opportunity as we celebrate a special anniversary in March…the 20th anniversary of our founding by 3 St. Francis students! We will host an exhibit in February at MAC to recognize this very special time.

At this meeting, States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty will give progress updates on implementing their treaty obligations and will make key decisions on a number of items.Countries that have not yet joined the Treaty will also be present to give updates on steps they are taking towards joining. There is much work and many challenges. With 20 years of PSALM working on this mission, we are still dedicated to a complete a Mine Free World by 2025. Our students are a part of this amazing achievement. An important facet of our mission of educating others is to document the key issues. This allows PSALM students and our community/country to not only see the effects of these weapons upon the most vulnerable, but more importantly it shows our students that they have a voice and their actions can have a positive impact on others… an invaluable lesson in hope and perseverance of our Gospel values.I will have the opportunity to meet with UN representatives, connect with other campaigners/survivors and in general, spread the word of our students and their commitment to “serve, not be served”.




Updated: November 13, 2018 — 8:43 am