Student Testimonials

Read 8th grade student reflections on helping with the Adaptive P.E. class at WVU


“I love St. Francis because people learn love, share, and work together. We have fun projects and fun math.” Liana Forester 2nd Grade

“I love coming to Church and learning about God.” –Audrey Buck 1st Grade

“I love St. Francis because of the warm environment…the love and respect from teachers and friends.” –Lexi Sokos 7th Grade

“Hi, my name is Samantha Hatcher and I go to Saint Francis Central Catholic School.  I am in the eighth grade and I have attended St. Francis for 6 years. St. Francis has provided me with an excellent education over the years and it has also guided me to grow as an athlete and as an individual. St. Francis has very high academic and athletic standards which makes it a great all around school. 

The staff at the school is filled with excellent educators that strive to push each student to their fullest potential. They will gladly take time out of their day to make sure that everyone understands the information that is given so nobody falls behind. They are people that you can trust so you can turn to them whenever you need advice. Also the staff at St. Francis contains outstanding coaches that bring forth your individual talents that Christ has blest you with. They teach you how to work together as a team and how to be devoted towards something.

St. Francis offers a variety of sports that the students can participate in such as cross country, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading and track. St. Francis also offers a Social Justice program named PSALM which is internationally trying to ban land mines that put many people’s lives in danger. The school also offers special technology and artistic clubs for anyone who has the interest.

The best and most important thing that St. Francis has to offer is the opportunity to learn about the Catholic Faith and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Every day the students are taught a religion class with lessons of the history of our faith. Also throughout the day we pray together to thank God for the day that He has blest us with. Once a week the entire school comes together to celebrate mass so the students can appreciate the scriptures with gospels that they can relate to.

I have learned at St. Francis that to serve God you must serve others. That is why our school goes by the motto “We are here to serve, not to be served”. St. Francis is a school that is based on serving the community around us. The school plays a major role in the contribution of canned goods at St. Ursula’s food pantry and holds toy and clothing drives every winter. I have also learned that there is nothing more important than to have a strong relationship with God. That is why St. Francis stresses equality so that nobody has to worry about what they are wearing or having the newest electronics.

At St. Francis I have made many friendships that will last a lifetime. We stick together through the hardships that life brings upon us and we come out with an even stronger relationship once we solve the problems together. Having a faith based education in a safe, happy environment makes St. Francis a great learning foundation for all ages. It prepares each student for the future and brings each student closer to God. Each day that we live is a gift from God and spending my days at St. Francis is the best gift that can possibly be given. Thank you!  Samantha Hatcher 8th grade