As we begin a new school year, we also begin our second year of PEACE! PEACE stands for Producing Empathetic Art for Charitable Endeavors, and chooses a yearly charity cause that we shall donate to at the end of the year.  Our art theme of the year is inspired by the charity cause that is chosen.

The first PEACE meeting shall be held Tuesday, September 19th from 3pm-4pm in the Art Room. 00 If your child is interested in joining PEACE, he/she will stay after school on the 19th and be picked up in the loop at 4 PM.  PEACE plans to meet almost every Tuesday, so please keep that in mind. Please contact me at the email listed below if you have questions about PEACE.

Thank you for reading! I am excited for another wonderful year! I want to deeply thank the families of PEACE last year for all their support, and the PEACE students for their tremendous spirit and effort.

Thank you for reading!

Faith McCardle

Art Teacher