It’s Good to be Back….1st Day & Boo-Hoo Breakfast

School is back in session, and by the many smiles on the students faces; they are happy to be back among friends and ready to take on another year of academic and spiritual Day116172formation.

However, sometimes the goodbyes are harder on the parents than the kids. St. Francis Central Catholic School hosts an annual Boo-Hoo Breakfast on the first day of school to help with the transition by offering food, fellowship, and support.

This year, parents got together to share their joys, fears and tears after dropping off their young scholars. They also bonded together and realized they’re not alone, even though they watched their little ones leave them…for a few hours. And they can see just how well their kids are doing without mom and dad.

Day116173By the time the Boo-Hoo Breakfast was over, the parents were reassured and the kids, well, they were doing fine, well on their way to learning and forming lasting friendships.


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Updated: August 22, 2016 — 12:35 pm

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