End of Year Pick-Up & Drop-Off

With the end of this school year quickly approaching, we understand that students still have belongings at school; as well as books and materials to return from home. As stated in previous communication, the school campus remains closed to all until a date not yet determined. However, the Department of Catholic Schools within our Diocese has allowed us a week to gather material back from students as well as get them their belongings from lockers and classrooms. Much planning has gone into how to do this effectively while adhering to our social distancing guidelines. The week of June 8th – 12th will be dedicated to this task, with specific days and times for each family (see below).
We have been given explicit direction from the Diocese that no students or parents are allowed inside the school building. Although the faculty, staff, and administration certainly miss our students and families, this time should not be seen as a time to reminisce and catch up. The parameters being established for these days are set by the Diocese and are not an effort on our behalf to be insincere to our families. We will have limited staff members working hard to quickly and efficiently pick-up and drop-off student belongings to and from your vehicles.
Location / Drive-In Instructions
  • Families come on a specified day and time based on last name (see list below)
  • Similar concept that is used for after school dismissal on a normal school day
  • Drive to the back lot area, following the yellow lines wrapping around the back parking lot
  • A staff member will be calling names and keeping the line moving
  • Families must remain in the vehicle, unless otherwise instructed
  • Staff will be available to collect school belongings from vehicles as other staff bring student belongings to vehicles.
  • Staff will remain in face masks
  • We miss our students, but to keep efficient, staff cannot use this time to converse
    ** students are highly encouraged not to be present, unless no other options exist
Student Belongings
  • Families will be picking up student items that teachers will bag up in advance
  • Bags will be organized by last name in the gymnasium
  • Items will be delivered by staff to your vehicle

School Belongings

  • Families will be dropping off items that belong to the school
  • Use a box or bag for each child labelled with Student Name & Grade Level
  • If more than 1 child, please use a separate box / bag for each child
  • Teachers will share a checklist of items that should be returned in advance of your drop-off day
  • Boxes/bags will be collected by staff at the vehicle
    ** as long as the items are separated by child and labeled with name and grade level, any box or bag will work

Pick-Up Day & Time by Last Name
(example – Monday, last names that begin with A & B may begin lining up at 9:00 am, those with C & D at 10:30…this is an attempt to not have too many cars at one time)

Monday, June 8th

A – B  (9:00 am)

C – D  (10:30 am)

Tuesday, June 9th

E- H  (9:00 am)

I – L  (10:30 am)

Wednesday, June 10th

M – O  (9:00 am)

P – R  (10:30 am)

Thursday, June 11th

S – T  (9:00 am)

U – Z  (10:30 am)

Friday, June 12th

Open for scheduled pick-up if not able to make specified day

*With limited staff allowed on campus for these days only, we stress the importance of using this time to pick-up and drop-off student items, however, if it is absolutely impossible to make your day and time, please email eswierkos@sfccs.org and jstone@sfccs.org as soon as known to set up an alternative day later in the summer.

Please direct any questions or concerns with dropping-off and picking-up student belongings to Mr. Swierkos (eswierkos@sfccs.org)
Thank you and God bless!
Updated: May 11, 2020 — 11:38 am