The Little Playground Project

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A prosperous future can only be achieved if a strong foundation is built at the beginning of a child’s academic career and St. Francis Central Catholic School (SFCCS) has built a preschool and kindergarten program with just that mindset. SFCCS has Pre-K 2, 3 & 4 rooms, as well as three kindergarten classrooms, that are all staffed with incredibly talented and knowledgeable lead teachers and aides. With the success of our students at the forefront of all decisions at St. Francis, our Pre-K and kindergarten programs is an integral part of our academic blueprint. During the 2014-2015 school year, construction began to enable St. Francis to expand our Pre-K program to include two, three, and four-year olds. Once the Pre-K extension was completed, a playground was added with equipment to better suit the needs of our smallest students.pic5


Although the playground provides a safe and secure space for our little ones, a problem has arisen with the gravel that surrounds the equipment. This has resulted in a less than optimum space for our students both aesthetically and safety-wise. St. Francis is a non-profit private school and we try to fix as many problems arise as possible; however, we do not want to wait on this problem and we are asking for your help. We have a quote for $16,000 to get the gravel removed and replaced with turf. If each of our Pre-K and kindergarten families gave whatever they are able, we know that soon enough our problem will be solved and our students will be able to get even more enjoyment out of their playground.



This will be a yearlong project during the 2015-2016 school year for our preschool and kindergarten classrooms.  To mark our progress, a barometer will be placed in the preschool hallway and will be moved toward our goal with every donation. Each teacher will have information about this project and will have a link to an online giving portal on their websites. We thank you for all the support you give St. Francis School already and we hope that together we can reach our goal!


To donate online, please visit The Little Playground Giving Portal!

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