Take Charge of Education Target Rewards

Target is on track to give $1 billion for education by the end of 2015. Talk about extra credit! Use the Credit or Debit REDcard, and Target will donate 1% of your Credit or Debit REDcard purchases made at Target and Target.com to help St. Francis de Sales Central Catholic School.


There is no charge to the account holder. Target donates money based on the total amount spent by the account holder (not including cash advances, balance transfers, and purchases of other cash equivalents), minus returns and sales tax.


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What is the percentage received by the school?
1% on Target purchases for the Debit, Credit and Target Visa REDcards; one-half percent everywhere else when the Target Visa Credit Card is used.


Take Charge of Education* is an exclusive benefit of the Target REDcard® program. Apply for the REDcard, and select St. Francis … School. Every time you shop, the cardholder benefits with 5% savings, and our school benefits with up to 1% of the purchase.