One Day of Giving

2019-2020 One Day of Giving

The Little Playground Project



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The Little Playground Project

We are excited to announce the 4th annual One Day of Giving! The first three years made our school pavilion, Holy Family Library, and the re-turfing of our upper playground a possibility with over $100,000 raised! This year, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to raise funds for the Little Playground Project!


What is the Little Playground Project?

Last year our goal was to re-turf the Upper Playground area to make the play area more safe for our older students and this year we want to do the same project for the playground used by the smallest in our Trojan family. The Pre-K and kindergarten playground was constructed with hard wood chips as mulch underneath the equipment and gravel along the outside of the play area. This lends itself to injuries from falling, injuries from picking up and throwing the mulch and gravel, and limited use in inclement weather. By replacing the wood mulch with synthetic padded turf and the gravel with synthetic grass turf, the area becomes safer and able to be used for year-round play. In order to make sure that the students got the full use out of this investment, SFCCS had the synthetic turf underneath the equipment and the grass around the play area replaced in the summer. In order to pay for this much-needed safety upgrade, we have used the following funds:


Total Cost of Project: $62,803.20
Amount Raised in Pepperoni Roll Sale: $28,828.50
Amount Left to Raise: $33,974.70

This means that our 2019-2020 One Day of Giving goal is $33,974.70.


From 8:00 am on Friday, January 31st, people will be able to donate and share their love for SFCCS. You can either send a check or cash into the school office or donate online at under the “One Day of Giving” tab of the Advancement Section of the website. We will again have grade-level Power Hours so get ready to give during your grade-level’s time and to watch some wonderful videos from our SFCCS faculty and staff! Please know that any amount, from the smallest to the largest donation, will help the Little Playground Project and SFCCS tremendously. Let’s make this One Day of Giving better than the last and GO TROJANS!