One Day of Giving

2018 One Day of Giving:

The Playground Project



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We are excited to announce the 3rd annual One Day of Giving program at St. Francis de Sales Central Catholic School! During our first two years of this program, we raised almost $100,000 for our school pavilion and the Father Bandiera Library. Both of these goals were met and exceeded because of our wonderful community of current families, alumni, supporters, and friends. We are hoping to once again come together in a day of giving on November 27, 2018 for our most ambitious project yet!


We are pleased to announce that the 2018 SFCCS One Day of Giving is The Playground Project. When the school was constructed in 2006, the playground had mulch placed underneath the swings and playground equipment while grass was placed around the mulch inside the fence that was constructed. In 2014, the preschool playground was constructed using the same mulch and gravel format. We are now looking to give both of our playgrounds an upgrade. We would like to replace the mulch with synthetic padded turf and then replace the grass with a synthetic grass turf. These changes will significantly decrease the risk of a child getting hurt if he or she were to fall down while running and playing. Additionally, this change would allow both playgrounds to become year-round areas for our students because the new turf would be weatherproof. With this third One Day of Giving, we want to make sure that safety, one of the most important and vital areas of interest at St. Francis, is at the forefront. Because of the scale of this project, we are looking to raise as much as possible instead of a certain dollar amount. The breakdown of the costs are:


Upper Playground Preschool Playground
Padded Turf $39,858.00 $28,603.20
Grass Turf $22,487.85 $34,200.00
Total $62,345.85 $62,803.20


The total cost of the project: $125,149.05

A donation for The Playground Project is a donation towards the safest and most efficient play space for every child who plays at SFCCS. Though this will be a yearlong project, we hope that this One Day of Giving will be a great help in getting this project completed.



From 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 27th, people will be able to donate and share their love for St. Francis. You can either return the enclosed envelope with a donation or donate online at under the “One Day of Giving” tab of the Advancement section. We will again have grade Power Hours and Matching Donors. Please know that any amount, from the smallest to the largest donation, will help SFCCS tremendously. Let’s make this One Day of Giving better than the last and GO TROJANS!




This event will take place on November 27th, linking it with the nationwide charity initiative Giving Tuesday that has over 40,000 organizations that participate in 71 countries. We want to prove that the SFCCS community is just as generous as any of those 40,000 organizations by raising $$$ for our school!



The day is not only about giving, but about celebrating the St. Francis community as a whole!  We are also asking anyone who gives to share on social media with the hashtag #trojansgiveback so that we can all connect that day.

We are up to the challenge.