The SFCCS Advancement Program

The SFCCS Advancement Program will now focus on cultivating new financial opportunities, strengthening alumni relations, and moving the school forward in the community.  Two main programs that will be the focus of the new Advancement Program will be the Annual Fund and the Foundation. The definition of these school programs are:


St. Francis School Annual Fund

This is the general fundraising account of the Advancement Program. The money from these donations can be used for a number of different school areas, such as specified projects, maintenance issues, tuition assistance, budget concerns, and donations to the St. Francis School Foundation. This is a fund that participants will make a donation to as an annual pledge either with our mailings or through our Annual Fund Online Giving Portal.

Donate to the Annual Fund Online Giving Portal


St. Francis School Foundation

This is the future-planning account of the Advancement Program. Donations from this program will not be used for any immediate needs, but will instead be allowed to grow to ensure the future of St. Francis. This fund will flourish from donations, money from the Annual Fund, and the One Day of Giving Program.

Donations can be made at our Foundation Online Giving Portal


As we go into the 2020 – 2021 school year with the current coronavirus pandemic, we are beginning a version of an Annual Fund appeal with The Trojan Club. This money will be used entirely for tuition assistance for the neediest families within the school community. The overall goal would be a program that we keep donors giving each year and would get a  total of around $100,000 in donations. This is a program we want to establish and work towards solidifying in the future to make this into an established SFCCS giving avenue.    

Another extremely successful component of the Annual Fund is our One Day of Giving Program. During the 2019 – 2020 school year, we moved the One Day of Giving from the National Day of Giving, which is after Thanksgiving, to the last day of Catholic Schools Week. When we moved the date, our One Day of Giving brought in over $22,000 and was used for the re-surfacing of the PK Playground. 

We will be doing an SFCCS One Day of Giving during the 2020 – 2021 school year, but we are waiting to decide whether the date will be the Tuesday after Thanksgiving or the last day of Catholic Schools Week. We are also waiting to announce what the One Day of Giving project will be for this year. From 8:00 am – 8:00 pm that day we will be taking donations to reach our goal of $35,000 and will also be taking donations before that date that will count towards our goal. We will also continue with our established grade Power Hours, where each hour has a grade assigned to it and all the donations that came in during that hour go towards the grade’s $1,000 goal. If the class reaches the goal, a funny video of the teachers in that grade level is released on Twitter and sent by email to all the St. Francis families and the grade will receive a Dress Down Day the next day. The One Day of Giving is an incredibly integral part of the Advancement Program at SFCCS and has helped improve a variety of campus projects including the school pavilion, the Holy Family Library, the resurfacing of the upper field playground, and the re-surfacing of the PK playground. 

Our Community Partner Program is another staple of our Annual Fund and brings in around $35,000 each year. The Community Partner Program has three levels that businesses can choose from that gives them a variety of advertisement opportunities. Our Community Partner levels are the Silver Level at $1,200 ($100 a month), the Gold Level at $2,400 ($200 a month), and the Platinum Level at $4,800 ($400 a month). We are so thankful to our Community Partners who are loyal supporters of our school. 

If any current student’s family, community member, or alumni of St. Francis would like to donate, has any further questions, or would like to discuss further donation options, please contact Development Director Rachel Scudiere at (304) 291-5070 or