Father B Memorial Fund

The Father Bandiera Memorial Fund

With the recent passing of Father Colombo Bandiera (notably referred as “Fr. B”), our school lost a beloved and irreplaceable figure. Fr. B was a distinguished alumni, devoted school pastor, thoughtful mentor, and lifelong supporter of St. Francis Central Catholic School (SFCCS). He graduated from St. Francis High School in 1943 and his mission to aid and support the students of our school continued for the rest of his life. His spirit touched the lives of countless people, both directly and indirectly. With his passing, we will strive to emulate the passion and love that Fr. B had for SFCCS.

Of the many families that admired Fr. B, one has decided to come forward with a very generous donation in his name. This generous benefactor has pledged $50,000 in memory of Fr. B, with the hope that other supportive members of the St. Francis school community will match this donation. This letter is an outreach to all SFCCS stakeholders including: current families, alumni, faculty, staff, parishioners, and other school community partner supporters.  With the initiative of this donation, our goal is to turn this $50,000 blessing into a double blessing that garners up to $100,000. These monies will allow our school to further strengthen our financial stability for future years.

The fingerprints of Fr. B permeate our school campus.  Fr. B has equally influenced the interior and exterior of our building.  When you walk our campus you will discover that there isn’t a room, department, hallway, playground, and garden area that has not been impacted by Fr. B.  Please help us to most appropriately honor the memory of a man who was the true embodiment of the St. Francis mission statement of “we are here to serve, not be served.”

You can either Donate Online to the The Father Bandiera Memorial Fund or you can contact Advancement Director Rachel Scudiere at rscudiere@sfccs.org or 304-291-5070 if you would like to donate in a different way.