Adrianna Chico Evans (ACE) Family Fund

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Seventeen months ago our school community suffered the loss of a respected and beloved teacher, Mrs. Adrianna Chico Evans.  Because of the positive impact that she had on others, the hurt from her passing pierced the hearts of faculty, staff, students, and parents.  Losing Adrianna at such a young age, before even having the opportunity to hit her full stride as a teacher, will forever bear sadness.

Consequently, her passing ushered in the birth of the Adrianna Chico Evans (ACE) Family Fund.  The mission of this foundation is simple: To honor Adrianna by recognizing and rewarding excellence exhibited by teachers who perform, achieve, and excel in the field of education.  Mr. & Mrs. Bob Chico (Adrianna’s parents) serve as co-chairs of this fund and they have worked tirelessly to raise money with the intention of perpetually honoring teachers through the legacy of their daughter.

Last year served as the inaugural year for the ACE Award.  This honor is presented annually to ONE teacher of excellence.  The first recipient of this award was our long-time (now retired) Art Teacher, Ms. Nora Sheets.  The window for this year’s ACE Award is now open, and will remain open from March 1 – March 31.  Once the nomination window closes, the nominees will be compiled for the ACE governing board (consisting of non-SFdSCCS employees) to review.


2023 Teacher Nominations
March 1st – 31st
Open the Nomination Form Here
*see below for important nomination information 


2022 ACE Award Presentation
Wednesday, April 26th
6:00 – 7:15 pm

Some important questions and answers pertaining to the ACE Award can be found below:


Who can nominate a teacher for the ACE Award?

Current parents, students, and faculty/staff members may nominate a teacher for this award.

What teachers are eligible for nomination?

All full-time K-8 lead teachers are eligible for nomination.  This includes elementary, middle, and specials teachers.

How many teachers is a family allowed to nominate?

Only one teacher per household may be nominated.  If you have multiple children enrolled at different grade levels, only one teacher may still be nominated.  If multiple teachers are nominated from the same household (by accident or otherwise), then only the first nomination form will be accepted.

What will the recipient of the ACE Award receive?

The winner of this award will receive a monetary gift in the amount of $2,500.  Furthermore, the recipient’s name will be engraved on an ACE Award plaque, which will be displayed on a wall in our main entrance area.

Where does the money for the ACE Family Fund come from?

The ACE Family Fund monies have, up to this point, been solicited through private donations.  There will, however, be a designated school Mass offering for those who wish to contribute to the fund.  That date will occur during the Lenten season and will be announced in the near future.

Can there be multiple winners in the same year?

No.  There will only be one winner per year.

How many years will there be an ACE Award?

There is no end in sight.  The ACE Foundation is working to ensure perpetuity for this award, so that it remains as long as SFdSCCS is open.

Can a teacher win the ACE Award more than once?

No.  Once a teacher has won the award and his/her name is on the plaque, then he/she will not be eligible for the award in the future.

Does my family have to nominate a teacher for the ACE Award?

Absolutely not.  The nomination of a teacher is strictly voluntary and is not mandatory.

When will the ACE Award be announced?

On the evening of Wednesday, April 26, from 6:00-7:15, the presentation will be held.  More details will be communicated as we get closer to that date.

Who is allowed to attend the ACE Award event?

Faculty and staff will be in attendance at the event.  In addition, current families (including parents and students) are invited to attend.  An RSVP will be sent a few weeks prior to the event, for proper planning.

How do I nominate a teacher for the ACE Award?

Simply open this nomination link 2023 ACE Award Nomination Form and respond to the questions.  Please note that once you are complete with the form and click “submit” then there will be no opportunity to edit the form.


By all standards, Adrianna was a person “for others.”  In an organic fashion, the price of her humility and genuineness as an educator has given rise to her name attached to an award that is “for other teachers.”  Unquestionably, she would be embarrassed to have an award in her name if she were here.  That was the nature of her character.  However, in typical Adrianna fashion, she would forgo her uncomfortability knowing that the winner would be rewarded with a significant ($2,500) cash prize.  And it is refreshing to know that as bright as her light shone on earth, it will continue to shine through the prestigious ACE Family Fund Award.