The ACE logo was designed with forethought and meaningful purpose.  It communicates the identity and story of this special award.

 TREE:      The tree represents the Teacher.  Strong and flexible, always growing in knowledge and expertise. Capable of weathering the most difficult of daily challenges both in and out of the classroom.  The roots are well grounded in fertile books of knowledge, continual education and training acquiring more wisdom yearly.  All unselfishly shared and impacting the lives of each student who graces their classroom.

BOOK:     The book exhibits the very fertile soil of the many books of knowledge and lessons from which teachers must gather wisdom and acquire the diverse skill sets, lesson plans, experiments, and trainings. Here they learn of best practices, life experiences and so much more to become an effective communicator and a truly special classroom teacher who makes learning fun and fosters a child’s imagination.

BRANCHES: The branches represent the many diverse subjects, classes or topics taught by teachers each year.  Teachers, like tree branches, continue to grow in wisdom and experiences and cast their shadow of knowledge directly impacting the lives of more and more children year after year.

LEAVE:     The leaves represent children… many children.  They, like leaves on a tree, depict hope and spend just a single season with a teacher gathering the nourishments of knowledge and learning and then move on. A new group of eager children and fresh leaves will again appear the following year.   A beautiful cyclical process of both nature and life. 

RED APPLE:  The red apple symbolizes both knowledge and education. This simple yet widely identified symbol can be traced back to the early 1700’s in Denmark and Sweden.  Teachers were often paid with apples and potatoes by working class families to have teachers educate their children.  It was also Adrianna’s favorite fruit.  

STATEMENT:  The statement, “You believed in me …. so I can believe in them”.   Adrianna Chico Evans placed this beautiful statement on the top of her graduation cap.   It was a note of love and heartfelt appreciation from Adrianna to her parents on her graduation day.  

LOGO COLORS:  The colors were carefully selected to give added meaning to the ACE Logo and provide a gentle visual message. The multi shades of light and dark blue symbolize certain characteristics required to be an effective and special teacher.  Together, these colors represent trust, loyalty, honesty, reliability, and non-confrontation.  All necessary qualities required to be an effective and special teacher.  Blue was Adrianna’s favorite color.