Education at St. Francis Central Catholic School offers more than just academic excellence. Students also study the Catholic faith, and integrate faith experiences into their daily lives in many ways:

  • Prayer at the beginning and end of every day, as well as before lunch and before individual classes begin.
  • The weekly celebration of Mass for every child in Pre-K through 8th Grade.
  • An engaging and rigorous religion curriculum that teaches each child not only the dictates of the Church, but that in the end, human dignity is dependent upon our human faith in God and the free exercise of that faith – whether that faith is Catholic, Christian, or any other peace-loving tradition.
  • The P.S.A.L.M. student organization that advocates in West Virginia on behalf of global efforts to eradicate the use of land mines and cluster munitions.
  • Class retreats for all students in our middle school grades to build fellowship with God and with each other.