Now that the Spring Book Fair has ended, it’s time to turn our attention to the St. Francis Summer Reading Challenge and the recording of the reading challenge minutes.

At St. Francis, we request that all students in PK-2 through 8th Grade record reading minutes manually beginning Monday, May 1 through Friday, September 1, 2023.  Student logs will be turned in to the library at the end of the program and will be used to recognize students at our school for their reading achievements. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to read their book purchases from the fair.

Students are being challenged to read 20 minutes a day for a total of 2,000 minutes. Students who meet the challenge goal will receive a dress down day (date to be determined once the challenge is completed).  Students may count the home reading required by the teachers for this month in addition to any other reading they do.  Any student reading a total of 10,000 minutes or more will be awarded a medal and a t-shirt.  In addition, the top three students overall will be presented with a trophy.  For students who are not yet able to read independently, parents/grandparents/siblings, etc., reading to them are asked to record the minutes read.

Attached is a Reading Log for student use. Please be sure to print your student’s first name and last name on each sheet of the reading log and enter the number of minutes read legibly.  Numbers that are difficult to decipher can lead to students not receiving the correct credit for the number of minutes read. Please make as many copies as you need and establish a safe place for keeping the Reading Log.  Staple additional pages of the log together, again making sure the student’s first and last name are printed on each page.  Without the log, students will not receive credit for time read over the summer.

If you have questions about the program, or library questions in general, please contact me at


Wishing everyone a Magical Summer of Reading!

Kathie Teagarden, SFCCS Librarian

Reading during the summer improves reading skills, comprehension, memory skills, and self-esteem for students.