2020 Summer Reading Challenge

This year, Scholastic has changed the way their summer reading program will operate. Specifically, they will not be keeping track of or reporting minutes logged by schools across the world.  Instead, students will access the Scholastic website at scholastic.com/homebase, click on the menu (upper left), to register and establish their own account and password.

From there, they can find books, play games, and connect with friends.  For every two days that a student logs in consecutively, Scholastic will donate a book for the underprivileged!  Scholastic’s goal is to have donated 100,000 books by July.  Our students may do their part to help just by consistently using the site!

At St. Francis, we request that all students in PK-2 through upcoming 8th Grade continue to record reading minutes manually beginning May 6 through September 4, which is the end of the Scholastic program.  Student logs will be turned in to the library at the end of the program and will be used to recognize students at our school for their reading achievements.

2020 Summer Reading Log
2020 Summer Reading Log
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Students are being challenged to read 16 minutes a day for a total of 2,000 minutes. For students who are not yet able to read independently, parents/grandparents/siblings, etc., reading to them are asked to record the minutes read.  Students who meet the challenge goal will be invited to participate in a school activity after the new school year begins. The date and activity TBD at a later time.  Additionally, any student reading 10,000 minutes or more will be awarded a medal, and the top three students overall will be presented with a trophy.

Please establish a safe place for the Reading Log and staple additional pages of the log together as I will not be able to credit the students for any time read over the summer without it.  Make as many copies of the reading log that you need.

If you have questions about the program, or library questions in general, please contact me at kteagarden@sfccs.org.  Additionally, if your child has a library book at home, please return the book(s) when dropping-off/picking-up student belongings the week of June 8-12.  Email me if you are unsure whether your child has an outstanding library book  (PK-4 – 4th grade).  Most students in PK-4 – 3rd grade have books out while there are some students in 4th grade.

Continue to stay safe and healthy and enjoy your summer.  Looking forward to seeing all of the students back in August.


Happy Reading!

Kathie Teagarden, SFCCS Librarian

For students, reading during the summer improves reading skills, comprehension, memory skills, and self-esteem.

Updated: May 11, 2020 — 12:24 pm