2019 Rising Star: Julia Mertz

Julia Mertz, 7th grade, has been recognized for her poetry submission to the Appelley Publishing Company and will be published in the 2019 RISING STARS COLLECTION.  Julia enjoys writing, especially poetry, and entered this contest because she feels “poetry is a way to escape from reality and express my emotions.”


Her poem  “Mischievous Manner”  appears below. Congratulations, Julia !


Mischievous Manner

The air in the room suddenly had a change

an object is waiting for class to engage


This mystery object is used to draw,

Or you can use it to ferociously knaw

You can use it for anything,

Or maybe just everything


A teacher may say

“You can use it today”

The next time you ask,

She’ll say “Where’s the last?”


Sometimes this may get in the hands of children with bad manners,

In a blink of an eye, the tiny little hands who once were oh so delicate will now become like hammers.

Quickly we’ll rush down the stairs and through the hall where we’ll land at Math.

Where the unmannerly children will learn how their hands turned this object, not into one, but one-half.


It was created by a man named Conrad Gessner,

Who was not always greater but sometimes lesser.

This object is part of our day to day lives

It can help out not only husbands but also wives


You see this object that came to be,

Is the bright yellow pencil that students always see


Congratulations to Julia for her creativity and for this wonderful accomplishment!
Updated: January 28, 2019 — 12:23 pm