Fall Book Fair Schedule (Sept. 25 – 29)

Dear Parents and Families,

On the heels of our exciting Summer Reading Challenge we are getting ready to host our semi-annual Book Fair. The Book Fair is a great way to keep our kids excited about reading new stories, new adventures, and new information! St. Francis receives up to 50% of the sales back in the form of “Scholastic Dollars” which have been used to purchase an array of items such as smart boards for our classrooms as well as new library materials. Your support of this fair not only buys your child new books for their home, but also supports the school’s resources and our library’s inventory. Don’t forget that books make the best gifts! Stock up on early Christmas and Birthday presents! The official book flyer for the fair will come home with your child by Friday 9/22 and the fair will open the following Monday, 9/25

We have four opportunities for you or other relatives to attend with your child, including during the scheduled time for your child’s class, before school (7am-8am) on Wednesday, after school (until 6pmon Thursday, and during Grandparent’s Day (9:30am-11:30amon Friday. If you are unable to attend but would still like your child to shop at the Book Fair, please send a check (payable to St. Francis) or cash into school with your child in an envelope that is marked with your child’s name, the amount enclosed, and any specific instructions.


The class schedule for the Fall Book Fair is finalized and attached below. The volunteer shifts are broken down into 2-hr slots M-W whereas the classes themselves will come through in 20 & 40 minute intervals.You can either come just to shop with your child during their scheduled class time, or you can volunteer for the 2-hour block that incorporates your child’s class time. (You are also very welcome to volunteer for Any shifts, even those that do not involve your child’s class!)


There are still volunteer opportunities on many of the shifts. We particularly need volunteers for these shifts:

*7am-8:00am slot on Wednesday, 9/27 (before school hour)

*9:30am-11:30am slot on Friday, 9/29 (during Grandparent’s Day)
*9:30am-11:30am slot on Friday, 9/29 (pack-up after early dismissal)


Here is the SignUpGenius link to volunteer


Class Schedule for Fall Book Fair


Mon 9/25

Tue 9/26

Wed 9/27

Thur 9/28

Fri 9/29


Open To All

Before School


Meadows Pk4B

Romeo Pk3B

McKibben 1A


(AM Prayer)

(AM Prayer)

(AM Prayer)


Fisher Pk4A

Corbin Pk2

Buck 1B



Eddy Pk3A

Moore 2B

Boczek 2A

Open To All


10:10-10:30 4B


10:30-10:50 4A


Ferrari KA

Brown KB

Grandparents Day


Badzek 5B

Tiberi 5A


(Library Lunch)

(Library Lunch)

(Library Lunch)


Pack Up


Gainer 3A

Sequoyah 3B







Brantmeyer 8B

Scudiere 7B

White 6B


Been 8A

Alden 7A

Moritz 6A


Open To All

After School Hours


I look forward to seeing you all at this great event!!
Alison Conroy
SFCCS Librarian


Updated: September 14, 2017 — 11:46 am

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